Monday, March 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Hip hip hooray....another blog award!!!  
Thanks so much to my talented friend Jenna, from Jennasaurus for passing this award on to me...I feel so honored!!!

Here's the rules to this little baby:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog

2. Share 7 random facts

3. Share the blog love ( the part I love)!

Okay for my silly random facts...

  • I hate wearing underwear in the summertime if I have on a dress or skirt (keep your comments to yourself!). This often results in many prayers before I head out the door, a big gust of wind would be rather tragic...yeesh, how embarrassing would that be!

  • I'm a HUGE Twilight Saga fan; I've tried calling my dear husband Edward on occasion, but he doesn't seem to be going for it!!

  • If I die with a book in hand, I will die happily! I just finished reading Water for Elephants...such an amazing book! Has anyone read it? I'm dying to discuss it.

  • Just like British accents, I love Southern accents. My girlfriend Gwenn (yes, she spells it with two n's) is from the South, and she tickles me pink every time she opens her mouth!

  • I run a completely goofy household. The whole darn house is filled with goofballs, right down to the littlest one!

  • I've been told by many that I have the tiniest ears that they've  ever seen, but let me tell you, I can pick-up a conversation from across the room with one ear; yet another one of my many hidden talents!

  • I LOVE any variation of red toenails make me feel sexy!!!

So here are the amazing blogs I would like to pass along...

Dreams of Fae
Simply Sarafina Paints

This is Jenna's "Justin Beaver" could you not LOVE a hat with such a clever name!!!!

Charming Beaver Beanie for Adults ("Justin Beaver" 3)
Visit Jennasaurus to view this cutie!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you so much to the wonderful, stupendous, Queen of Sass, Stephanie,  from SassyBelleWares for awarding me this awesome award!!! I am soooooooo thrilled!!!

The fantastic bit about this award is that I get to pass it on to my absolute favorite fellow new found bloggers!! Yay for sharin the love!!

Here's how it works...


-Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.

-Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
-Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
-Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you've done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.


-I love Harry Potter, with Ron Weasley being my favorite ( I just adore red heads!!).

-I'm still a kid at heart!

- I LOVE anything British...perhaps in my past life I was a Brit!!!

-I LOVE red shoes! I still have my very first pair of red patent leather Maryjanes from when I was 2yrs old (a loooonnnnggg time ago)!!

-I'm horrible about answering my cell phone. Though I must admit that I am getting much better at it!!

-I love quirks and imperfections.

-I wear my heart on my sleeve at all times!!

Stop in and take a peek at Stephanie's really is just too cute, my favorite is her Mitzi the Flapper ring!!!

Mitzi the Flapper ring
Mitzi the Flapper ring...too cute!!

My Favorite Blogs

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hopelessly Hairy

Can I tell you all that I recently received the most brilliant item in the mail!! I mean, I think that this has got to be the most clever purchase that I have made in quite some time!!

No, it is nothing frilly, or anything in the mere stretch of the imagination that is going to make me feel ultra feminine about myself.  However, it is something that makes me embrace the inner me, the me that I quite diligently hide from the world!!

What is it you ask??? What could I have possibly bought that is going to make me acknowledge who I really am???

Well, let me give you a little background information first.

You see folks, I'm hairy. Hairy as they come. I don't know why, or how this has happened, but it has.  No one, I mean no one, in family is hairy. Just lil' ol' me!!!

Of course I fight against this oddity that has been inflicted upon me.

How do I fight back you ask??

Simple... I'm a waxing addict!!

Like a good girl, I have a standing appointment every two weeks with my AMAZING esthetician Cyndi, who awaits me with her "golden pot of torture" and her "macabre tools."


The Golden Pot of Torture


Macabre Tools
What a dear Cyndi is...
  • She is brave enough to combat the furry little caterpillars that I call eyebrows (without her I would look like Frida Kahlo). 

Frida Kahlo
 Please pay close attention to the eyebrows!

  • She is kind enough to take her precious little cotton strips, press them gently upon my upper lip, and then RIP!!

  • She even gives my lovely and noble chin her undivided attention.

In regards to my face there is only one lonely little area that my sweet Cyndi is forbidden to wax, and that would be the "little fuzzies" on the side of my face. Please do not make the grave error of calling them sideburns, I shall not accept that term!

Once, and only once, did Cyndi wax my "little fuzzies". This tragic experience ended in droplets of BLOOD!!!! I really had to control my reflexes, for I did want to pop the poor little dear (which of course I would never do)!!!

Okay, enough of the historical "hair" is what I bought!!

 Two Bearded Ladies coin purse
Side A

Is this not too friggin cute??? Go figure, I've spent a large portion of my adulthood getting waxed, and hiding the fact that I'm a hairball, and then I go and buy a coin purse that is called  Two Bearded Ladies !!
Look, she thinks I'm clever!!!
Side B

Two Bearded Ladies is handmade by this fantastic woman from Australia, by the name of Belinda, who has the cutest Etsy shop, called Seventh Sphere. The coin purse is made with vintage cotton fabric, and has been lined with cutesy red and white polka dot fabric....AND it's one of a kind!!! I just love feeling unique!! And of course when I read the sign that the little bearded lady is holding I just KNEW that she was talking to me!!

So there you have it folks, this darling little coin purse has finally made me come to terms with the fact that I'm hopelessly hairy.

Does this mean that I'm giving up the waxing?

Well, I'm no fool... but it does make me feel better than someone across the globe has a fine appreciation for women such as myself!!

Make sure you check out this cool little really is the cutest, even if you're not into bearded ladies!!!