Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hopelessly Hairy

Can I tell you all that I recently received the most brilliant item in the mail!! I mean, I think that this has got to be the most clever purchase that I have made in quite some time!!

No, it is nothing frilly, or anything in the mere stretch of the imagination that is going to make me feel ultra feminine about myself.  However, it is something that makes me embrace the inner me, the me that I quite diligently hide from the world!!

What is it you ask??? What could I have possibly bought that is going to make me acknowledge who I really am???

Well, let me give you a little background information first.

You see folks, I'm hairy. Hairy as they come. I don't know why, or how this has happened, but it has.  No one, I mean no one, in family is hairy. Just lil' ol' me!!!

Of course I fight against this oddity that has been inflicted upon me.

How do I fight back you ask??

Simple... I'm a waxing addict!!

Like a good girl, I have a standing appointment every two weeks with my AMAZING esthetician Cyndi, who awaits me with her "golden pot of torture" and her "macabre tools."


The Golden Pot of Torture


Macabre Tools
What a dear Cyndi is...
  • She is brave enough to combat the furry little caterpillars that I call eyebrows (without her I would look like Frida Kahlo). 

Frida Kahlo
 Please pay close attention to the eyebrows!

  • She is kind enough to take her precious little cotton strips, press them gently upon my upper lip, and then RIP!!

  • She even gives my lovely and noble chin her undivided attention.

In regards to my face there is only one lonely little area that my sweet Cyndi is forbidden to wax, and that would be the "little fuzzies" on the side of my face. Please do not make the grave error of calling them sideburns, I shall not accept that term!

Once, and only once, did Cyndi wax my "little fuzzies". This tragic experience ended in droplets of BLOOD!!!! I really had to control my reflexes, for I did want to pop the poor little dear (which of course I would never do)!!!

Okay, enough of the historical "hair" is what I bought!!

 Two Bearded Ladies coin purse
Side A

Is this not too friggin cute??? Go figure, I've spent a large portion of my adulthood getting waxed, and hiding the fact that I'm a hairball, and then I go and buy a coin purse that is called  Two Bearded Ladies !!
Look, she thinks I'm clever!!!
Side B

Two Bearded Ladies is handmade by this fantastic woman from Australia, by the name of Belinda, who has the cutest Etsy shop, called Seventh Sphere. The coin purse is made with vintage cotton fabric, and has been lined with cutesy red and white polka dot fabric....AND it's one of a kind!!! I just love feeling unique!! And of course when I read the sign that the little bearded lady is holding I just KNEW that she was talking to me!!

So there you have it folks, this darling little coin purse has finally made me come to terms with the fact that I'm hopelessly hairy.

Does this mean that I'm giving up the waxing?

Well, I'm no fool... but it does make me feel better than someone across the globe has a fine appreciation for women such as myself!!

Make sure you check out this cool little really is the cutest, even if you're not into bearded ladies!!!


  1. My morning is feeling 10x better now after reading your post. Right before I read this I was doing the infamous plucking of the face!! I feel like we are soul sisters.... since I too am the harriest one of all and wonder how this came to be. We can be the " Two Bearded Ladies" on your coin purse!

  2. Ah yes my sweet, how quickly I had forgotten that we both ride the Hair Train!!! Soul sisters you KNOW we ARE!!!! Can't wait till next when I see you, we can compare chin hairs over drinks!! Love ya!! :)

  3. Hey, Mrs. Lemonade Dreams, we are out of razors again!!!

  4. What a fantastic find!

    I have to say, I'm not hairy at all. But somehow-my daughter is. She's turning 12 tomorrow and she's been shaving her legs and underarms, and I've been waxing her 'stache for like 3 years. People looked at me with that "you're a bad mom" look when realizing that my 9 year old shaved, but dude...even -I- was embarrassed...SHE was sooo self-conscious.

    I totally would have bought that for her! :D

  5. Oh Tiffany, what a lovely post! I'm so glad and honoured that you shared your story and that this purse spoke so deeply to you.

  6. This post made me chuckle so much! You are a braver woman than me going anywhere near those macabre tools!

    I suppose now you have your wonderful purse you may not feel the need to remove your, erm, "little fuzzies", but if you ever think about it again, you may want to consider facial hair threading. I can't speak from experience as I am a total woose about anything like that, but it is suppose to be nicer to you skin than wax.

  7. Thank you Mr. Lemonade your support!! lol!!! :)

  8. Angelia, good for you!!! Your daughter SHOULD feel good about me, there's nothing wrong with a little waxing, regardless of the age!! :)

  9. Seventh Sphere, the pleasure is all mine!! :)

  10. Pininkie, thank you for the idea...I never considered threading, I will have to see if my sweet Cyndi does it! :)

  11. This made me laugh out loud. What a wonderful post! It is blogs like this that make it fun to pour over blog after blog. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Okay it is I your brother. Now you know how I feel about reading and after all that I was expecting to see a new fast painless hair removal kit that you may have purchased, but instead I get a coin purse. Really??
    Anyways I would never make the error of calling your so called "little fuzzies" sideburns. If you knew me well enough which you should my lovely sis, you would know that they are "mutton chops"...LOL!!! Keep up the good work and make sure we get together before you leave for the circus. :) Love you,mean it!

  13. Hmmmm, "mutton chops" ??? Off with your head!! LOL!!

  14. Oh sweet Tiff.. Love, Love, Love you.. hair and all.. This is by far the most entertaining post I have read.. EVER!! You had me laughing so hard there at the end that I thought I was going to fall out of my chair.. I was like.. What did she get.. what did she get.. and then when the purse popped up I was out of my seat ROFLMAO.. and what's even funnier is when I settled down I heard my hubby laughing and so I turned to see him standing behind me reading as well.. I was so caught up in the read that I had no idea he was even their.. hahahaha

    Thank you so much my sweet friend for sharing..

    And to your brother.. Laughing again so hard at your leaving for the circus comment.. hahaha

    Oh.. and I apologize for not getting in here sooner to read.. I swear I think my brain has decided to take a vacation without me... haha

    Off to share this awesomely fun post

  15. Saw this post after Tam shared it and I really enjoyed it!:)

    I too am a hairy gal but one look at my Dad and you know I got it honest;)

    I love that shop! I have a thing for change purses!

  16. Love your post, as well as your writing!
    Thanks for following my Blog :)
    and dont forget to comment for a chance to win my Give a way :)

  17. Hi there. Brand new follower of your blog here. I found you through the Handmadeology team. Hope you can stop by my blog, follow me back and say hello.

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  19. aww i feel your "hairy pains" unfortunately my eyebrows are a constant battle also jejejeje! thanks for posting this, it gave me a very good laugh!!!

  20. I found you on Etsy team page...I also like anyone who is random...that trait we share =)

  21. You are so funny, I had a good laugh! You would be a beauty in India! It is only matter of perspective. Well you are a beauty here too. All of us dark haired girls have same issues. Keep on writing...

  22. Yay to all us hairy girls!!!!! We should start our own club!!!

  23. That really is the cutest little purse! Love your blog!!

  24. Not only did you introduce me to a great little shop, but you entertained me with a dramatic story buildup.

    Well done.