Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well, we are upon the eve of Valentines Day, and as many of you know, I am a true romantic at heart.

I simply adore little unexpected love notes,  perfume in pretty bottles, soft and frilly garments (whether worn on the outside, or underneath. Hehe), sassy red shoes, flowers in every hue, sweet fluffy feather pillows with rosebud prints, glowing candlelight, and of course loads of sparkly jewelry! You would figure that I am hoping for cupid to bring me something along those lines, right? Well I'm not!!

You see, I have a confession to make. My one absolute guilty pleasure is my holey, threadbare, raggedy men's robe that I have had for a trillion years. I know, this a shocker right?? Not so romantic... I know!!

It seems that I  have just painted a pretty picture, and then boom, I dropped a load of baby poo on it!!

Before you judge let me tell the various ways my beloved robe has served me:

  • It has acted as a nice and comfy "smoking jacket". Not that I smoke, but I feel that the robe gives that Hugh Hefner look when I wear it around the house over my regular clothes. I even slipped that bad boy on over my wedding dress on my wedding night!!! Well, if Al didn't see that as a caution sign, then I guess he must have had his eyes shut TIGHT!!

  • At night it serves as an extra blanket.

  • It's even served as a emergency baby blanket. Though Al put an immediate stop to that one. He told me if I wanted to look like a hobo that was one thing, but not the kids. Not to mention that between the two of my  munchkins, I have enough baby blankets to open up my own maternity ward! 

Truly folks, the list could go on and on, but I have a feeling I would be the only one not bored.

Well, the time has come to bid the robe adieu. You see, the trim of the robe has become separated from the rest of the robe. This has proven to be a great hazard. Every time I walk past a door, the friggin trim gets caught on the doorknob!!! Not only tearing my lovey further, but yanking me backwards as well!!

So folks bow your heads with me and give a  moment of silence for my beloved robe. I wish that cupid ( a.k.a Al ) would bring me another, but I know he is glad to see the thing go, and is not willing to endure another 12 years of unattractive robe wearing. I know that he will continue to buy me slinky, silky robes from Victoria's Secret, and that I will continue NOT to wear them.

Ahhhh, but what Mr. doesn't know is that I have a BACK-UP tucked away in the depths of my closet!!

Mu ha ha ha!!!

Previous Valentine's Day Loot

My Beloved Robe
I know...can you believe I was wearing this?

Check out the frayed sleeves! Can you believe this?? Frayed not!! Hahaha, get it??


  1. Bye-Bye comfy, trusty, sweet old robe!

  2. Ahhh, a girl after my true heart!! I'm so glad someone besides myself sees the value in comfort!! :)

  3. Goodbye old friend. Thank God, it's finally gone!!!

  4. And why am I married to you??? Hahaha!!

  5. Taking a moment of silence to say farewell to your cozy friend.. Oh. and if that friend needs a home.. ship it on over.. My rack is ready and waiting for a new friend to keep me cozy and warm.. and seriously. My hubby won't mind. It probably looks just like the cozy friends I walk around in all day.. Seriously. ALL DAY!!!!!

    Hope cupid (Al) brings you a new cozy to love ~ ♥♥

  6. Tam you are too funny. Looks like we both walk around in our "smoking jackets" ALL DAY !!! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  7. Haha, OMGoodness woman! You know Cupid is sitting atop Mt. Olympus shaking his head and saying to his mother Aphrodite, "I can't do nothing for that lady!!!!" hahahahahaha

  8. Awww, come on!!! I not hopeless yet!!

  9. It is not what is on the outside that matters...but what is on the inside of the robe that truly matters:) LOVE the robe!! I said goodbye to some beloved pj shorts last year. My husband finally said...I think your butt looks big on those shorts...that was all it took:):):)

    Take Care!!!


  10. Too funny Kristin!! Just remember...there's nothing wrong with a little 'junk in the trunk' !!! LOL!!

  11. Well hello my big sis! Yes it is I your charming,debonair,and super hot brother....LOL!
    Sorry I've been busy with work and traveling to all the tropical places. It's hard being a multi billion dollar guru. Sorry to hear about your robe but it had to go really badly.
    Love the blogspot I'll have my people get with your people ASAP and maybe we can talk about expanding. Okay my chopper just got here I'll have my secretary contact you and let you know when you and I can do lunch. Love you!

  12. Something is WRONG with you..... :0)

  13. The robe is like the vampires on the Vampire Diaries show, it never dies!!!

  14. Darling husband of mine, you weren't suppose to reveal that I haven't yet rid of thy royal robe!!!

  15. Hi! I'm a new follower. I saw your post on Etsy discussions!

    I totally understand. You see, I have/had this pair of PJ pants that my sister hand made for me. The very definition of comfort I could not bear to part with them even after I got paint on them, tore and eventually wore, little holes in them...just.couldn'

    Hubs and my kids started refering to them as my "crotch pants" because I had to patch the crotch and still refused to give them up. I've now retired them. As the comments from my loved ones got more annoying and disturbed my comfort level.

    But I wear them when no one else is home! *victory*

  16. Angelia, you don't understand, you are seriously having me LOL!!! I love the name "crotch pants"!! Why??? Because I too have a couple of pairs of those!!! I say we all declare a ragged PJ day!!! LOL!!!

  17. LOL, I can relate, only my best friends are my raggedy paint stained jeans. It KILLs me when they won't stay on my body anymore because they're ripped out in so many places!

  18. primalpainter I can relate, I have a pair of cut-off overalls that I do all of my painting in...they look terrible, but they are so soft and comfy...can you blame a girl?

  19. Lovely blog! Following from handmadeology team, here's my link. :)

  20. Too funny! You have my favorite perfume there (Hypnotic Poison)... I first fell in love with it when I was really young, sifting through the little sample bottles in my grandma's closet. I searched for years to find out they discontinued it for a long time. But it's back!