Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Little Taste of Heaven

Hello Folks!!!

As the old saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun" and how true I am finding that to be!

You see, on June 18Th, I will be celebrating my 40TH birthday!!!

Can you believe it???

You know I don't look a day over 25(lol)!!!!

Now as my luck would have it, modern technology has yet to invent a youth serum, so I guess I am forced to really start taking good care of myself. Not that I don't take good care of myself now, but there's always room for improvement, right???

Part of my "improvement" plan is to drop 5 to 10lbs.

I figure, hey, why can't I have the face AND the body I did when I was 25???

Humor me people!!!

So, all has been going really well. I've been eating tons of fruits and veggies, and I've discovered that I have a true talent for making a wide variety of fabulous homemade soups (since that's all that I've been living on).

I figure if all else fails in life I can open up a soup kitchen!!

Now here's the problem.....

I have come across the most INCREDIBLE shop on Etsy called Lebleux Cookies, and the Pastry Chef behind all the magic is Chef Vincent Lombardo!!

I must admit, that never before have I bought any food related items on Etsy.

I've always been a bit hesitant....

What if it's not fresh by the time I get it?

What if it tastes terrible?

What if there's cat hair or something floating around in the cook's kitchen?

Well my dears, my fears have been abated!!!

Vincent Lombardo, a Pastry Chef, who just recently graduated from  The French Culinary Institute in New York City, makes the most WONDERFUL, DELECTABLE, MOUTH-WATERING goodies!! He even worked under Master Pastry Chef Jacques Torres at Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven!!!!

My dear friends, I am a Food Network Junkie, and let me tell you, if you don't already know, Jacques Torres is a BIG DEAL !!!!!!

Anyhow, let me show you what I ordered from dear Chef Vincent...

Cinnamon Whiskey Cookies

Do these not look divine????

According to Chef Vincent these are his specialty cookies, and I can see why!! These yummy little treasures are basically a  snicker doodle sprinkled with roasted cinnamon, and then soaked with a sweet whiskey glaze! Can you get any better than that???

These cookies were so incredibly yummy, and did I mention that I ordered them on a Friday night, and had them in my mouth by Monday afternoon!! So no need to worry if these little babies are going to arrive fresh!!

I was so excited to get these cookies, and they truly did live up to the hype. My only problem is that my cute little family had the nerve to stick their hand in the cookie jar; so to speak.

Let me explain.

Rarely does anyone in my house eat sweets, except for me and my little daughter, Scout. I can pack the cupboards with the most sugar laden items, and no one ever wants them! The ONE time I figure I have a treat for myself,  EVERYONE in the house has developed a sweet tooth!!!

The nerve!!!

Well, I guess I shouldn't be greedy!!!

Anyhow, next on my list is the Ganache Filled Brownies, I've already ordered them, and I can hardly wait to get them!!

And guess what???

My beloved husband and son don't like chocolate!!! Yay!!!

What about my littlest one you ask?

She takes her daily nap at 12:00...looks like I'll be eating those Ganache Filled Brownies promptly at 12:05!!!

So folks don't forget to stop by Lebleux Cookies and take a look at all the goodies, you won't be disappointed!!

These treats really are a little taste of heaven!!

If you would like to show Chef Vincent some love, visit his Facebook fan page at:!/pages/Lebleux-Cakes/131311826938961.

Until next time, I bid you adieu!!


  1. I wasn't aware that pizza was in the, fruits and vegetables category? Oh sorry, pizza does have tomatoes in the sauce! : )

  2. You are terrible my dear husband, just terrible!! Perhaps I shall deprive you of dinner tomorrow night for divulging my indiscreations??

  3. OOOOOOOOO Ever since i saw his page on your site i immediately favored it! jejeje I have been wanting to try his amazing treats for a while, but have also been a little hesitant! Ive been dieting soo its like im stuck on what to do jeje!

    Im so happy you reviewed them :) hehe hopefully i sell some things this week to buy some goodies. Those brownies sound HEAVENLY!

    <3 Veronica Grace

  4. Girl, you've got to try these treats, they are too yummy!!!

    I had to throw the diet to the wind until those cookies were gone....oh, and of course, when the brownies come too!! LOL!!

  5. You my sweet Tiff have got to be the funniest gal alive. I soooooo enjoyed reading this. and I soooooo want those cookies in my mouth!!

    One thing. you forgot to mention the sexy avatar.. That too is yummy!!!

    Love ya.

    Tam ♥

  6. I to have been hesitant to order food items, but so glad to hear you loved the cookies! I love your humor! As I always say "Enjoy life and all the treats you can" LOL

  7. It's ok, we still have left over pizza, my dear wife!!!

  8. LOL, ahh laughter, it is the best medicine! You are the most witty writer, as I have always known. I can't think of a better way to self medicate than reading your blog. I look forward to more of your witty, clever thoughtwaves.

  9. Oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about those brownies! Or, that's the juicy apple I'm eating while typing this, hehe. Too bad I am gluten-free and unable to eat them, but maybe it's better for my waistline...

  10. BAD, bad, BAD!! I happened upon your website -- just visiting post Tax Day Blues Hop -- and now my key-b-o-a-r-d Sttttutttttters as it has so m-u-c-h drooooooooooooool in it. Bad. I started a diet at 7 a.m. this morning. WILL SHE MAKE IT 'til 7 p.m., that is the question?! Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. Thanks, I think, for sharing!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
    (Toooo many pounds to go to list goal!)

  11. Cinnamon Whiskey? Are you kidding me!? That's genious. Pure and simple.

  12. Talking about dieting and cookies in the same post. You are a woman after my own heart. I'm off to check out that shop :)

  13. Oh my! I knew I followed your blog for many reasons, but this post is a hoot! I too am a Food Network junkie. Hop on by my blog, I am a little award for you :)